Charles Cosby : From Early Childhood to Cocaine And Hustlin’

Cocaine Cowboys

My story began December 22, 1967 at the Fresno, California community hospital. Eight-months later my parents packed up the tiny house on Jensen Street and moved the family to Brookfield Village. Months thereafter I celebrateChildhoodd my first birthday. I was too young to remember but I’m sure it was a blast. I was the youngest child of four and from what I’ve been told by mother we were an idyllic family that attended church, went on camping trips and took family vacations. But with father’s homosexual affairs coming to light coupled with his increasing drug use, the marriage fell apart – and so did our lives. A year after my family and me settled into Brookfield my father walked out on his family with only the clothes on his back and photo’s of the men he dated. We became just another broken family in urban America raised by a single mother.

Growing up, I attended several schools. The first of which was Brookfield elementary, and then James Madison middle school. I was an above average student. From the time I was in 7th grade I dreamed of a career as a lawyer. Even then I knew basic law. But while enrolled at John C. Fremont High School, and while the crack cocaine epidemic swept across black America my career goals changed. I went from aspiring to defend criminals to becoming a criminal.


During the time crack-cocaine exploded onto the streets of Oakland creating wealth for many of my childhood friends, I hungered to be a part of this deadly new enterprise. It had a type of a magnetic Charlesallure that was inescapable. This was about the time I begun my career as a street hustler. With an ounce of consigned merchandise I not only learned the ropes quickly, but I ——} Click HERE TO FIND OUT HOW HE went from having $2,000 – $3,000 in bank deposits to having $2 m – $3 m stashed in suitcases



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One Response to “Charles Cosby : From Early Childhood to Cocaine And Hustlin’”

  1. Thanks for the mention on your site. One thing however, my last name is Cosby, not “Crosby.”


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