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Can Gay Hip-Hop Be Taken Seriously?

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When the average rap fan considers homosexuals in Hip-Hop they probably imagine prancing, stiletto wearing men with lisps and women who look like they could kick Chuck Norris’ ass behind the mic. Armed with this preconception, the path of logic will inevitably lead to a decision that Out Hip-Hop is an oxymoron.

Rap is driven by stereotypical presentations of machismo and femininity. Men are uber-aggressive in their narrow minded pursuits of money, power, respect and most importantly…pussy. Women connive their way into status by using what they got to get what they want; normally from that uber-aggressive caveman character. While all of those components can be found in the realm of Homo-Hop, the fact that these artists are openly gay is enough to weaken their commercial viability and keep them on the mainstream sidelines.

The desire to crossover in many of these artists seems to be waning though. The long-fought battle has been relatively fruitless, relegating the musicians to gay underground status and producing the occasional lyrical pot shot at the lameness of radio friendly Hip-Hop. Most seem to have come to the realization that acceptance from throngs of straight Hip-Hop lovers is beyond their grasp; hence their targeting of fans within their own community. However, a quick trip through a fantasy land where rappers are judged solely on ability would put some of these folks at ——–} CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS NEW FLAME IN HIP HOP…..

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