Officer Ricky whipping his cadets into shape in the “Big Bawse Rick Rawse Policy Academy”.

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They say Im working for the law, bitch I work for the boss
One gun, one badge, Officer Ricky Ross
Shouts out to d-block, I had to cuff niggaz
Just Cuz contraband, I had to bust niggaz
Grinding for a check, had to fill my belly up
Popeyes thighs and breast help me fill my belly up
That monkey aint the boss, he cant wu-tang
C.O. my old gig, Maybach my new gang
Is got a shoe string, is that a shoe string
Im up in ya cell, I gotta move thangs
Respect the C.O.s, Respect the P.O.s
Somebody gotta do it, our need babies cloths
Tia need coats, shes just a greedy bitch
Just for some Gucci shit, she fucking 50 cent
Nigga violating, throw him in confinement
Yea you know its Ricky Ross once you here the sirens

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