Trife Diesel & Tapemasters Inc. “The Project Pope”



I’m Saying It Now
War Scarz
85 Hip Hop
Biscuits feat. Ghostface killah
Hustle Hard
The World Is A Ghetto
Blockstars feat. Lounga Lo
Grew Up Hard
Think It Over feat. Termanology
Beefing For Nothing
Fyuz feat. Termanology and Sun God
Speed of Light feat. B.O.B. and Inspectah Deck
State To State
The Game Don’t Change
Miguel Sanchez


Inspired by and growing up around the most influentital Hip Hop groups
of all time, Wu-Tang Clan, Trife caught a glimpse early on of how to
master the craft and become a standout MC. It was only a matter of time
before legendary Ghostface Killah took him under his wing, and began
featuring him on albums. Since then Trife has had the opportunity to be
heard on all 5 Ghostface albums since Supreme Clientele, in addition to
putting out an album with Ghostface titled Put It On The Line as well as
the posse driven 718 by Theodore Unit (Ghostface, Cappadonna, Trife,
Wiggs and Solomon Childs). Since his introduction to the die-hard Wu
fans around the world, Trife has been considered one of the most lyrical,
flow-driven MCs to ever come out of the camp. He has traveled the
world numerous times on tour with legends such as Rakim, Big Daddy
Kane, Ghostface, Raekwon, Method Man, and countless more. All the
while recording and dropping countless mixtapes with J-Love and
others. His most recent effort goes above and beyond anything from the
past with production from Mental Instruments and more.
Trife’s lyrics and sound capture the energy of songs from Biggie and
Tupac’s era; filled with stories and descriptions rarely articulated as well
in today’s Hip Hop music. He’s been working so hard for so long, his release is properly titled Better Late Than Never. The music on
this project is exactly what people have been waiting to hear
from a qualified and gifted artist such as Trife. Fans that have
been waiting for this album since 2000 will not be let down. Trife
has crafted a classic album both for old and new fans of Hip Hop.

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