Why Lil Wayne Didn’t Diss 50 Cent, Baby Explains


Bryan “Baby” Williams has explained why his “son” Lil Wayne opted not to respond to the numerous taunts by rapper 50 Cent. “We got money man…” Baby said, in an online interview. “Ain’t ever a dark day in my life, why won’t I go spend $250 (thousand) right now, I’ll burn that b***h…We just did a deal for a $100 mil, we got money for real. It ain’t no game. We ain’t got time for bullsh*t.” The co-founder of Cash Money Records said that he and his crew have seen their share of drama and have not desire for it now. “We been through the wars, I got scars from wars. Get with that anytime, but lets get with this money s**t, that’s what’s up…Me and my son are rich for real, that’s why I won’t entertain bulls**t,” he continued. “Today, I’m the only n***a in the industry, me, my son and my brother (Ronald “Slim” Williams) that own everything, nobody owns nothing. We 100 percent in this b***h, we make more than they make.” Lil Wayne is preparing the release of Rebirth, his new rock-flavored album. —} CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE


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