Stlye by Vandy

FREDERICK Vandy is TheBlogUnion resident fashion expert and here are some fashion tips for your everyday lady.
Saturday Downtown Chillin


This outfit will work for pretty much every body type. The tunic is long enough to hide tummies while the loose belt gives the body definition. the skinny jeans help with proportions as well and heels make every outfit better *_*

It would still work with flats though

Date Night with the Boo!
(Better take you some place nice!)


This works with most body types, too. why? the jacket has a structured seaming to it. even though it would be worn OPEN. lol. it would give the illusion of curves. the brown also helps bring more defintion and tame the eye, so it sees pops of color and not just PATTERN. I also love this look because of the added dimension of texture in the zippers on the jacket, the panels of the purse, and the straps of the shoes.

Work Appropriate


This says serious but fun with the pop of color. The color doesn’t HAVE to be red. i could see this look with blue, green, or even yellow..if done right. this works with most body could switch out the pencil skirt for A-line and still have the same effect. The fitted blazer slims and defines and helps with body structure.

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