Nas & Kelis sitting in the tree we just found out there was F@ckery

naskelisbday1 was the FIRST NEWS SOURCE in the world to tell you that there was trouble in Nas and Kelis’ marriage. (TheBlogUnion was 2nd -lol) And yesterday – Kelis, who is 7 months pregnant with Nas’ child, filed for divorce.

What happened, you ask? Well managed to talk to someone on Nas’ side and someone on Kelis side. And they gave different reasons.

First, here’s what someone close to Nas told

Their marriage was doomed from the beginning because Kelis is shady. She comes off real nice and sweet, but behind all that she’s as conniving as one of those [women] from the soap operas.

Here’s an example of Kelis ways ——–} CLICK HERE TO SEE HER BS


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