WILLY NORTHPOLE Interview DJBooth.net Exclusive


In an exclusive interview with DJBooth.net, Willy Northpole steps into the Booth to discuss the side of Phoenix few outsiders are aware of, what he hopes to accomplish in the music industry and beyond, and the awful weave that nearly led to a food fight (yes, you read that correctly). Plus, fulfilling “Hood Dreams,” the importance of image over talent, and Twitter-talk.

“If I didn’t have music, I promise you I’d be in the pen, or I’d be dead. I definitely wouldn’t be on this phone talkin’ to you. I’m not good at math, and I definitely can’t shoot a f*ckin’ jump shot, so this is all I ever had to reflect on, and pour my feelings and my emotions [into].”

“For the video, “Hood Dreamer,” I spent over six thousand dollars out of my budget for fashion, and the only thing I ended up using in that video was a Gucci belt? I wore black T-shirts and f*ckin’ jeans.”




“You can’t stop me – You can only hope to contain me”


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